LED Filament Bulb

After the use of standard light bulbs with incandescent tungsten filaments was banned, the development of light sources took three different directions – the use of halogen light bulbs sealed in standard casing, the replacement of light bulbs with compact flourescent tubes, and the substitution of light bulbs for discrete performance light emitting diodes (LEDs). Each of these alternatives had a number of disadvantages in comparison with classic light bulbs. The only advantage was higher efficiency. (Halogen – relativly low efficiency – (class D), short lifespan. Compact fluorescent tubes – light builds slowly, bad start in low temperatures, flickering, unsightly shape, bulky ballasts, mercury content, lifespan. Discrete LED – directionality, unsightly form due to cooling).

The majority of these drawbacks are now being eliminated by new LED filament technology, rods assembled from a series of small LEDs and equipped with a luminophore layer. One rod has a luminosity of around 100 lm/W. The rods are inserted into classic bulbs in a similar way to tungsten filaments in original light bulbs. These light bulbs radiate in all directions, do not require coolers, and their luminous efficacy corresponds to class A+. The lifespan of such bulbs exceeds 40,000 hours and switching frequency is not limited. They can function in a wide range of temperatures from -25 to +45°C and power supply ranges from 110 ÷ 240 V/50Hz. They are produced in colour designs from warm white 2700°K to day white light 6000°K.

Spectral diagram of warm light

Chromatic diagram

LED filaments

Our selection includes the following types of light bulbs.

E14- 2W- 2700K 2 2700 200 E14 110-240 20 CANDLE
E14- 2W- 6000K 2 6000 200 E14 110-240 20 CANDLE
E14- 4W- 2700K 4 2700 400 E14 110-240 40 CANDLE
E14- 4W- 6000K 4 6000 400 E14 110-240 40 CANDLE
E27- 4W- 2700K 4 2700 400 E27 110-240 40 CLASSIC
E27- 4W- 6000K 4 6000 400 E27 110-240 40 CLASSIC
E27- 6W- 2700K 6 2700 600 E27 110-240 60 CLASSIC
E27- 6W- 6000K 6 6000 600 E27 110-240 60 CLASSIC
E27- 8W- 2700K 8 2700 800 E27 110-240 80 CLASSIC
E27- 8W- 6000K 8 6000 800 E27 110-240 80 CLASSIC

Comparison bulbs with the same light output

Watts of electricity used40Wcca 30W cca 9W 4W
Life Span (average)cca 1 000hcca 2 000hcca 8 000h50 000h
Disadvantages Ineffective, disabled Ineffective, disabled 2016 Appearance, heating  
Class of energy performance E D A A+
Was launched presale of new product S4H-TMC-00. Thermometer with extended range, new application and a separate cloud designed especially for applications with a need to record and evaluate the record
Our products family gets a completely new dimension. It was launched portal application IF-THEN,which allows you to create simple conditions and on its creat interaction between sensors and wifi-relay
New LED bulbs technology.
Smart4House® has a new family member. It is the temperature sensor.